Li'l Pea
For chrissake...could I have been hiding under a rock for any longer?
Dang, My eyes are hurting for the sunlight streaming in.

New job, new home, new air purifiers, new computer (second hand from my sis).
Things are so different than they used to be and I don't think that is bad. It requires some adjustment but it sure isn't bad.

Well, where to begin , I couldn't even say.
I saw Wilco on Friday. I thought it was great. The music sounded just great.
The crowd was the oddest mixture of super yougins and relatively older peeps. Wilco draws a pretty white crowd which makes sense somehow but it seemed quite apparent that there were all white people at the show.

My new job is so incredibly diverse --being a hospital in the center of the city and all -- that I am now shocked to see so many alabaster faces in one space.

Other than that...I hate the Green Line. It's just the worst subway line in Boston.
I really quite detest it. For someone only 5 feet 2 inches there is no safe place for to stand.I either have to stand on tippy toe or hold the railing meant for 5 year-old little little people. I feel so out of sorts when I am on a Green Line train.

Fasinating information, no?
Why yes, yes it is fascinating.

Go Sox.
By the way, why did they stop the indians/twins game in the 11th inning ? I know they had to convert the dome but couldn't they have waited just a little longer? That just seems so bizarre.

Over and out.
tAlk to you soon.

What a nice morning.
Listening to Thelonious Monk and cocteau twins and belle and sebastian and Neutral milk hotel and watching the rain fall.
I got a haircut...choperoo of the ol' hair.
I like it.
Just above my shoulders.
By the way the celiac food at the Elephant walk was sooooooooooo good!

So I have this thing called Celiac disease where I can't eat any wheat gluten cause it makes me really sick.
It's really a pain in the butt sometimes especially when I go out to a restauraunt. BUT miracle of miracles I found out that this yummy cambodian restaurant called the Elephant walk offers a menu just for celiacs!!!!
That is so exciting.

So yeah for restaurants that offer gluten-free dining. That's just awesome.

Well, I got a new job at Boston Medical Center in the pediatric Neurology department.
I am not entirely sure what I am going to be doing but I am excited about the change.
Having a little time off from working has been good. I start on Monday and I am a little overwhelmed by all that Ihave to get done...move into a new place start a new job have my birthday.

I seriously needed a break.
I was becoming a pale pale version of myself.

Things are a little tough here in res sox nation these day.
I continue to be hopeful and faithful and no matter what I love the hell outta the red sox but it's been a tough season.
I am going to my first ever red sox/yankees matchup at Fenway...
I've been so many times but not to a yankees game. It ought to be interesting.

I really prefered the weather BEFORE it got so damn hot,
I'm melting.

The Yankees don't suck, unfortunately.
They do bug.
They are smarmy and suckitudinous.
Why do I let them under my skin.
Why can't I keep myself from worrying about the fact that they are in first place.
Why are they winning?
Their pitching certainly isn't awesome.
They aren't that special.
It seems like points should be taken off for them being painful to watch...all smug and shit.
I just kinda hate them.

Ooof, I feel better now.
My friend Nigel sent me this to chew on.
I thought I'd pass it on.

Psst. Compassion.Thoughfulness. Reason. Happiness. Pass it on.

I went to Montreal this weekend.
Never been before.
It was fun to speak French and feel a million miles away.
The drive was a mite brutal but pretty damn pretty. Many mountains and trees and some farm country reminiscent of Kansas.

I hit a bird while driving. It is possible that the bird hit me but I think I hit the bird. I got a ticket for speeding. The first one on 10 years. uck.

As far as the culinary aspects of the trip...It was like a festival of meat. We had Portuguese grilled meats and some pile of peppered meat at some place called Shwartz's (seriously it was a pile)and then some antipasto that had carpaccio and jambon and various other meats and then there was the beef jerky Loren generously shared on the trip home...I mean holy protein -o-rama.

There were lots of naked ladies and DJs in Montreal. There were many interesting looking books that I didn't buy because they were in French and my language skills simply aren't that advanced.

In a fit of being a tourist, I bought Maple Syrup and a pewter magnet that says Canada (it has a maple leaf on it.)

I went to Montreal this past weekend.

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